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Dan Benthall


There I was there I was there I was…gazing into the fire again pondering my place in the cosmos. The wind was angry that night my friends, and I tossed another log into the pit. With tepid fervor I welcomed my neighbors onto the deck to join the fire-gazing fun. While the conversation sparkled, the fire crackled. I'd bought a new pair of slip on shoes that day and had them lazily propped on the fire pit. “Hey Dan…your shoe is on fire!" were the next words I heard. So I looked down to see a giant ember nestled upon my new shoe. I got up dancing around like Vanilla Ice and finally got the ornery ember off my foot.  

At work the next day, I noticed that my boss had bought some puff paints for his 5-year-old son to doodle with. I asked if I could use them and he said, “Be my guest... Oliver has outgrown them. They’re yours.” 

I pulled out the Fire Engine Red, since a fiery ember had caused this mishap, and painted over the burn mark. Well the other unscorched shoe got jealous and I had to dab some red on it just to be fair.  Sharing is caring. Then the blue came out, the purple, and the pink. In 15 minutes the first pair of Lazerdans was birthed.  From the fire came the flame and to this day the designs continue to kindle. 

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